Vietnam Marketing Intern

Vietnam Marketing Intern


Creatrip is a platform that provides quality contents and information on travel, news, culture, K-pop and more to foreigners who are interested in knowing more about Korea. As the number of our users in the Vietnam market is growing, we're looking for a Vietnam Marketer.


To seek for exponential market growth in Vietnam market.

  • Writing blogs about different and fun aspects of Korea (i.e. K-Pop, culture, Korean language, travel information, etc)
  • Run official social media accounts in different channels - Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Using translator tools and drafting translations in Vietnamese from languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, etc.
  • Modifying translations so that they are fully 'localized' into perfect Vietnamese
  • Localizing wordings when it's required
  • Updating contents (blogs, spots, shopping items) on a regular basis



  • Business level Korean proficiency
  • Valid VISA for working full-time in Korea (F, E, D-10)
  • Has a great level of interest in promoting fun and authentic parts of Korea
  • Has great attention to detail as well as passion for creating quality contents
  • Basic Photoshop skills, good sense of taking photos.


  • Korea travel blogger
  • Operator of actual social media account (i.e. instagram, facebook, etc)
  • Long-time resident of Korea
  • Native Korean proficiency


  • Salary: 2,000,000KRW / Month
  • Only accepting full-times. This position is not eligible for anyone who holds a VISA for part-timers.


  • Great coffee ☕️ + Milk 🥛 + Snacks 🍪 + Tea 🍵
  • Intellectual and friendly colleagues 👓


Our Core Values

⭐️ Excellence

We all strive to be experts. We do not settle for mediocre outcomes. We seek for excellence.

🌝 Autonomy & Responsibility

We believe strong sense of responsibility should come first prior to ultimate autonomy.

🤝 Trust based on Transparency

We believe radical transparency is the strongest way to build trust with each other.

🏃🏻‍♀️ Lean Growth

We avoid ineffective discussions, execute fast and learn promptly.

🌍 Diversity

We respect each and every individual's skills and values, and provide an inclusive workplace. We don't judge a candidate's qualifications and characters based on their nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, origin, religion, or culture.

How To Apply:

  • Email your resume to
  • We'll respond within 1 business day - If you don't get response within 1 business day, it means you're not eligible for the interview.
  • Address : 중구 청계천로 100 시그니쳐타워 (100, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)